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dinsdag 30 april 2013

New Blog

Hello all you readers,

I have made a new blog. I will stop with this blog. The reason is that I have bought a new camera and want to discribe my experience with this.

I wanted a blog that is recognizable for all the world.

I hope you all will follow my new blog, because I also want to be a little more active on the blog.

Hope I'll see you.


vrijdag 23 maart 2012

My first steps in stagephotography

A few days ago I made my first steps instage photography.

It was a contest of al sorts of artperformers. DJ's, singer en songwriters, dance and performence and a lot more. The light at the theater was a serious problem and a test for my Canon 60D. I used a 50mm 1.8 and a 85mm 1.8 so I didn't have to go further than iso 3200. Mostly I used iso 1600.  It was a real challenge for me and I liked it very much. Maybe soon I can try it again.
The photo's you see were made at the region-finale of the "kunstbendelimburg 2012".

This is Verena a 13 year old girl singing from the day she was born.
Her website is  http://www.verenaderuijter.com/index.html

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Strobist tulip

After working with a model, I wanted to do "still life' on the strobist way.
I placed one canon 550 EX on the right side of the flower with a self made diffuser ,the power was set to 1/32 35mmzoomed +/- 50cm to the right. The diffuser was an old salat bowl.I made a hole in the bottom the size of my canon 550 EX.. I cut a piece out of a translucent bag the size of the cover and put it down to the cover

On the left side a placed a selfmade reflector with a YN560 to reflect the light, the power set to 1/64  35mm zoomed  +/- 50cm

In Holland we use this to keep the frontwindow of the ca icefree in the winter.

After a little playing with the composition and a some conversion to B&W in lightroom this are the results.
Camerasettings of my 60D with 50 mm nifty-fifty lens were  1/160th sec-1/250th sec  F7.1 to F11  iso 100.  When I changed the aperture I also changed the power of the 550EX because this was my mainlight.

donderdag 19 januari 2012

The Nanny and her kids

Ones again after a long time picked up the camera to learn something  about strobist.
Wantes to work only with one light, a canon 550EX with a 60cmx60cm softbox.

After playing a little with the power and position of the softbox this was my results.

1st photo softbox infront of model.

2nd photo softbox left of camera at 1/4 power

3th photo softbox right of camera at 1/16 th power

 4th photo softbox left of camera at 1/32 power

vrijdag 11 november 2011

Zo weer even strobisten.

Na een lange tijd toch maar weer eens even  aan de gang gegaan met strobist werk. Een mooie locatie gezocht (een vervallen open lucht theater).

Mijn nichtje was toevallig op bezoek en ik zat om een model verlegen. Dat was mooi meegenomen.
Volgende keer plannen we dit even dan kan ze zich iets beter voor bereiden. Make-up en trendy jurkje of zo. Nu eerst maar even erin komen, hoe moest het ook al weer. Parapluutje, flitsertje, oh ja ook nog even de zendertjes en ontvangertjes pakken(Yong Nuo Rf-602).

Zo nu echt aan de slag met het volgende resultaat.

After a long time continued with first try strobist work. A nice looking location (a derelict open air theater).
My cousin happened to be visiting and I needed a model. That was a bonus.
Next time we plan this so she can prepare herself. Makeup and fashionable dress or something.
How was it done again. Umbrella, flash, oh yeah also look at the transmitters and receiver. (Yong Nuo RF-602).
So really started with the following result.
At first she was a little shy but eventually that got better.

First photo is pure naturel light with a little fill light.

A bare flash at 1/4 power and underexposed the ambient light.

A bare fill in flash for the hard shadows at 1/8 power

One bare flash camera right at 1/4 power on lightstand and one bare flash on ground camera right at full power to light the background.

One speedlight through shootthrough umbrella at 1/4 power at camera left high up.

One speedlight in a shootthrough umbrella at 1/4 power at camera left and underexposed the ambiënt with 1 stop

One speedlight in a shootthrough umbrella at 1/4 power at camera left and underexposed the ambiënt with 1 stop


One speedlight in a shootthrough umbrella at 1/4 power at camera left and underexposed the ambiënt with 1 stop


I hope you all liked it.

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Photo's of the kids family.

For granddad and grandma we wanted to make some photo's of the grandchildren as a present. This is what I made of it.

zondag 5 juni 2011

Practice with your camera.

If you have a compact camera or a DSLR. The next link will show you what effect the settings of your camera will have on the picture. Your camera need to have  the following programs. A(perture), S(hutterspeed) or M(anual).

Try it out. It really shows you the effect of shutterspeed and other options.

Camera settings simulator



Try it your self and then PRACTICE yourself.